My teachers were Roberto Fabbriciani and Antonmario Semolini. After my diploma I began performing, focusing mainly on chamber music, first in the classical repertoire in ensembles with strings (music by Mozart, Beethoven, J. S. Bach, J. C. Bach) then in the – to me more congenial – areas of 20th-centuy music, generally with strings and harp (Debussy, Malipiero, Villa Lobos, Ibert, Reger). Experiences that particularly appealed me were participations in theatrical productions: as for example playing solo flute in a Shakespeare production alongside distinguished actors (such as Gabriele Lavia) during Verona’s summer theatre season, or in poetry readings (with solo flute music by Maderna, Fukushima, Varèse and Debussy) with a poet of the calibre of Edoardo Sanguineti. At present my interests lie in jazz and, given that I now live in Spain, in its fusions with flamenco music.